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The Secret To A Better Body isn't only
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I would like to take this opportunity to Introduce to you our quarterly newsletter, Barbells-Dumbbells-Bodyweight. It's packed with everything you need to know to demolish fatbuild rock hard muscle… and knock through plateaus to keep seeing results right in the comfort of your own home!

This newsletter is dedicated to those athletes who truly love the hardcore Dinosaur style of training. The newsletter is for those individuals who have limited training recourses and have the basics, which are Barbells-Dumbbells and their own bodyweight hence the name of the newsletter. I am publishing a hard-copy, snail-mail, the postman-delivers-it-to-your-door monthly newsletter called “Barbells-Dumbbells-Bodyweight.”

The motto of the newsletter says it all: "HARD WORK - HEAVY IRON - SUPER STRENGTH = MASSIVE MUSCLES!


I am publishing a hard-copy, snail-mail, the postman-delivers-it-to-your-door monthly newsletter called “Barbells-Dumbbells-Bodyweight.”

The motto of the newsletter says it all: "HARD WORK - HEAVY IRON - SUPER STRENGTH = MASSIVE MUSCLES"!


  • A QUARTERLY newsletter, DVD & OR CD  devoted to the art and craft of serious, no-nonsense, strength training USING the basic tools you already have.

  • Hard work, heavy iron, super strength = MASSIVE MUSCLES!

  • Detailed strength training & muscle building programs.

  • Iron Game & Physical culture History.

  • Profiles of the strongest athletes who ever lived.

  • Forgotten exercises - and how to perform them!

  • New exercises you've never seen before - with photos showing exactly how to perform them! 

  • Training photos from my home gym.

  • Lost secrets from the past.

  • The philosophy of strength & muscle building.

  • Tons of Motivation!

  • Book reviews.

  • Product reviews.

  • New and unique pieces of training equipment - and how to use them Updates on new developments at Urban Publishing Headquarters.

  • Letters, workout reports and feedback from your fellow athletes.
  • Photos from readers

  • The "Workout of the Month"

  • Workout DVD of the month

  • Interview of an expert Monthly CD

  • Tips on gaining muscular bodyweight

  • Diet and nutrition articles

  • Articles from readers

  • Golden Age training advice and training articles you won't find anywhere else - authored by Iron game legends - with my own special commentary!

  • Special articles from guest writers - including some of the top guns in strength, power training & bodybuilding.

  • Powerlifting.

  • Olympic lifting.

  • Strongman training.

  • Bodybuilding.

  • Grip training.

  • Wrestling.

  • MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

  • Training tips for wrestlers and martial artists.

  • Special advice for cellar-dwellers and garage gorillas.

  • The mental aspects of strength training.

  • Monthly challenges to readers.

And much more!

In spite of who you are or where you've been, one thing is certain .. you'll go further much faster when you have a personal coach guiding you along the road to success. Today, one of my on-going goals is to help people like YOU become not only what you want to become - but perhaps .. like myself, going a bit beyond. 


Can help you accomplish your training goals!!!

Our newsletter is your personal training coach, which you will be able to refer to over and over again. It has come to our knowledge that you do not need all of the fancy gym equipment found in many commercial gyms to develop and build a great body. If we look back in the history of the iron game you will notice that many of the old time strongmen did not have any of the fancy supplements and equipment we find today. They trained with some of the most Crude and heavy, usually made by hand, weights and barbells. Some of the equipment consisted of anvils, Train wheels for weight plates and axels as the bar to place the weights in. 
But what they lacked in  

fancy equipment they more than made up for in ingenuity and desire to build awesome strength and power along with mounds of muscle size. Our Newsletter is dedicated to that kind of hard core athlete.  

Never stop learning," is a motto I live by and I sincerely desire that the students of my books and courses - people I refer to as Monster-Doers, understand the significance of continually putting the "good stuff in" their minds so that they reap the physical rewards of being physically fit and building their bodies for their chosen sport.  


Also keep in mind that we will also give you scientific research on training, nutrition, supplementation and also reports on the latest functional training equipment, which you can chose to use in your training program. 

You'll get all the strategies, tips, and clear, easy-to-follow how-tos formulated by those guys who are passionate about fitness… the experts you will be learning from in your monthly CD & DVD from Urban Publishing Co. LLC..

Build the body you want in the space you currently have available.

Whether you have no equipment, a pair of dumbbells, or a whole workout station in your garage, you can blast away loads of fat and pack on pounds of pure muscle by reading and applying all of the great training information you will get in our newsletter & DVD & CD package.

Along with your quarterly newsletter you will get an accompanying DVD & CD of training information

Along with our newsletter, you will also get a DVD of training instruction, which you can use in conjunction to your training program, and a CD of an interview with an expert in the field of Strength training and Nutrition.

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This is sold for a value of $47.00 but you get it free when you subscribe to our quarterly newsletter. This will be sent to you on a data disk for easy application.

Now, how much does a quarterly subscription cost? The cost is only $57.00 for this short time. It will go up in the future. But for now $57.00 is a steal to have me coach you along with me bringing you all of the experts via DVD and CD to help build your body with the basic tools.

You're Only A Mouse Click Away from Building You Best Body Ever Using Just Barbells-Dumbbells and your Bodyweight!!!

You can spend years waking up each and every morning dreaming about having the perfect Body. Make it a reality

Doesn’t it make more sense to skip the learning curve and use the simple and proven techniques and strategies outlined each month in the Barbells-Dumbbells-Bodyweight newsletter? So take action today and use the exact step by step training methods I taught to hundreds of my clients.

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